19 April, 2018

Don't Blame the Plastic

AIMPLAS, ANAIP, ANARPLA, AVEP, CICLOPLAST and PlasticsEurope have joined their voices in a decalogue to explain the benefits of plastics with solid data and raise awareness of the importance of making good use of these materials.

Plastics are materials that are widely used for their innumerable advantages, which is why the plastics industry considers it important to communicate to society, with objective data, the advantages of using these materials and to counteract the disinformation that surrounds them.

From non-profit organizations related to research, industrial application and plastics management, a decalogue has been developed to inform about the advantages that plastics bring to society and explain that their collaboration is essential when it comes to making good use of them.

Plastics are considered to be the most sustainable alternative in many applications. Thus, the packaging of this material is, on average, four times lighter than that made with other materials, resulting in lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in transport. It also reduces water consumption by 30% to 60% in drip irrigation systems for agricultural land.

Plastics are materials recoverable through recycling, and when this is not possible, they can be used as an alternative and renewable energy source, given their high heat capacity. Therefore, they are materials that contribute to the circular economy: they should NEVER END IN THE ENVIRONMENT.

Source: AVEP (Valencian Association of Plastics Entrepreneurs)
Expanded news in Spanish: http://www.avep.es/noculpesalplastico/


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Don't Blame the Plastic