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MATRICERIA CASPE SL was founded in 1972 focused on the design and manufacture of precision molds for thermoplastic injection and non-ferrous metals, providing technical and human resources in the development and implementation of new technologies (CAD-CAM, MACHINE CNC, 3D)

After some years the CASPEPLAST ® trademark is created, devoted exclusively to thermoplastic injection and various assembling works.

MATRICERIA CASPE and CASPEPLAST ® SL advance together in both sectors facing new challenges, investing in resources and means of production.


CASPEPLAST ® has a park of 10 last generation injection machines (one vertical injection machine), comprising machines with clamping force from 45 tons. to 260 tons, all of them are last generation, equipped with the necessary technical equipment and specialized in technical materials. Our brand goes forward to lead and invest in new technological challenges both at Injection and Assemblies level.


MATRICERIA CASPE SL has in the brand CASPEPLAST ® the ISO 9001:2008 certification fully consolidated

Our Organization is Quality, Teamwork, Commitment, Desire to Overcome, Motivation, Warranty, Flexibility and Adaptation, these are the fundamental principles of our company in order to give our customers the expected quality level , as well as the Training and the Continuous Improvement.

Our organization team is an important part of the company, for his work, integration, responsibility and experience, their contribution of ideas is transferred and they make the company evolve towards new goals and challenges.